"Every story has an end. The only story without an end, The storytelling itself. That's why, even though I'm a businessman When they ask me what do you do, I always say that I am a storyteller."
Hayri Aslan

In the years of economic depression; Limon, set out to tell the story of his country and its people by saying "Your Story", when there was not yet a production line and broadcasting approach in Turkey. Limon is a global content producer that exports TV series to 37 different countries today.
Limon, who has become one of the most important actors in the export of the Turkish TV Series & Film industry, with its playmaker, developer and educator identity, earned its visionary identity thirty years ago by writing its first story for a humorous magazine character and turning it into a comedy series that lasted for 7 years. Sıdıka (SHOW TV), whose script was written by the master humorist Atilla Atalay, under the direction of Atıf Yılmaz, one of the great masters of Turkish Cinema, is one of the cult works that is on the list of the best in Turkish television history.
After this first success, Limon, while producing thousands of hours of contents with the motto "Only Phenomenal Works", became a school with the artists it turned into a phenomenon.
Celebrating its twentieth anniversary, the company continues to write its own story with its international studio license agreements, copyrights of the most outstanding works of Turkish Literature, remake network and original project bank, as well as being the production company with the largest IP pool in Turkey.
Among the television series that Limon has produced so far; Works & Works (STAR), Warriors (FOX), The Yard (Star), For My Son (Kanal D), Burned Cocoon (SHOW), Stolen Life (Atv), Your Honor (Atv), Nightwalk (SHOW), Time Of Departure (STAR), Dudullu Post (BLU TV), Man Up (FOX), A Mother's Guilt (Kanal D), The Pearl Of The Town (TRT), Pride & Prejudice (SHOW), Silent Storm (FOX), Portable (PUHU TV), Mister Mujgan (SHOW), September (ATV), What Are You Saying (Kanal D), Petticoat (SHOW), I Left My Heart In Aegean (Kanal D), Cemile (SHOW), Wounded Heart (SHOW), Love Me If You Dare (Kanal D), Hope Nothing Wrong (Kanaltürk), Sirat (STAR), Repentance But Repentance (ATV), Everything İs Fine Chief (SHOW), Dreams And Hopes (FOX), Baby Job (SHOW), and Recipe For Love (FOX) 
A military-themed series "The Warrior", which went on the air in 2017, was broadcast for 5 seasons and became a hit drama-action series in Turkey, adding a new dimension to military series as Turkey's longest-running television series of its kind.
"The Yard" series, which came to the screen in 2019, was released as a worldwide Netflix Original series for the first time in Netflix history due to its strong content, although it is a FreeTv content.
"Hakim" series, which met with the audience in 2022 on ATV and starring Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Yurdaer Okur, Ebru Özkan and Uğur Yücel, is an adaptation of the phenomenon series "Your Honor", which made a huge impact in the world.
Apart from these, Home Coming (2006), written and directed by Ömer Uğur, returned with awards from the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival; Little Apocalypse (2006), directed by Taylan Brothers; Flirting with Danger (2015), a musical group movie made for the first time in Turkey, Cingöz Recai (2017) written by Pınar Bulut and Kerem Deren and directed by Onur Ünlü; The film "Love is Blind", written and directed by Onur Ünlü, won 4 grand prizes, including the best film and best director awards from the Adana Film Festival; "Global Capital", the sequel to the phenomenon series Poyraz Karayel; and in the youth genre, including the movie "A Love Song", there are local cinema works that Limon brought to the audience.
In addition, Limon also produced studio productions such as "Heritage" and "Mind Games", which were appreciated by the audience for a long time.
One of Limon's distinguishing features in the sector is the 'long-term' design of its projects and the richness of its dreams about "project design". Limon is the production company with the largest IP pool in Turkey with its copyrights, projects and scenarios.
Nazım Hikmet's "Kuvayi Milliye"; Lütfü Akad's "Bride, Wedding, Diet" trilogy, "Vesikalı Yarim", which was shot by Lütfü Akad in 1968 and written by Safâ Önal, İrfan Orga's novel "The Story of a Turkish Family", and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar's “The Time Regulation Institute” are just a few of the over 300 IP rights for which Limon holds the cinema and television rights.
Limon continues to meticulously prepare for the production of many of its contents, including international co-production works in the upcoming period.